Technology and science are improving day by day. Specially in the recent years people have made a lot og progress about technology. Now, I’ll tell you why. Because of curiosity. People wonder something so they explore it and learn it. It becomes more interesting as they want to use what they learn.  They try to do something
         Someone invents something, then someone else sees this and thinks how I can improve it. That person is thinking, exploring, creating draft, trying… Sometimes it happens but sometimes it doesn’t. If ıt doesn’t happen, that person doesn’t give up. He studies more and achieves. Thus, in the end technology evolves.
         All around the world everyone uses technological instruments. These technological instruments help us everywhere. Such as school, home, hospital, workplace… For example, we use washing machines in our homes. We don’t the laundry by hands. Thus we don’t get tired, also spend more time with our family and friends.
         The basis og technoloy and science is curiosity indeed. So always kepp on wondering, searching and trying. Never give up!